Unify your data from Multiple Sources

Query, Analyze or make APIs.


Data integration with Datashelf

Datashelf connects to existing data sources and guarantees interoperability.
Our Semantic Engine unite those data load to Datashelf's Semantic Engine,
then you can query with each datasets as a single dataset.

  • Connect to existing databases or APIs
  • Import table data (eg. excel, csv)
  • Query each datasets as a single dataset
  • Manage datasets


The Semantic Engine

Datashelf's Semantic Engine completely integrates data from different origins or types.
You can use data into data analytical works or utilize via customized APIs.

  • completely integrate different data sets
  • Advanced queries across datasets
  • Publish Linked Data
  • Publish customized APIs

Publish Linked Data

Linked Data is a movement what aim to make web as a web of data.
The web of data that including data from public sectors such as Government or libraries,
industries is growing day by day. Datashelf provides all functions that necessary to publish Linked Data.

  • Management URI
  • Generate RDF from other format
  • Multiformat delivery with content negotiation

Publish customised APIs

You can preset frequently used APIs.
Datashelf allow you to set APIs that query integrated full datasets in indefinitely.


The best solution for Open Data

Datashelf is the best solution for promote Open Government or Open Innovation by publish Open Data.
There are requirements for Open data that to be more machine readable and adopting standard format.
Datashelf make it easier to publish Open Data it use well known vocabularies such as schema.org.

  • Publish Linked Data
  • Corresponds to major vocabularies
  • Useful applications for Open Data are ready to use
  • CKAN is adopted as data catalog
  • Build dashboard with BI tool that cooperation with Datashelf


Cooperation with your CMS

It can be easily to register, update, and delete of data with using Datashelf original CMS.
You can also use an existing CMS such as WordPress or Drupal as a front end according to your request.
We have many cases such as with catalog management system.
for museums and CMS for local government websites.